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Seychelloise and coastal food

Charcoal grilled meat and fish are the house specialties. Seychelloise spices and suces are giving the extra exotic flavor. The place is particculary known for its tasty chicken dishes. Here are some favorites you might want to choose from:Porini Restaurant, Kikambala - Kenya

Creole Fish Soup
Fresh prepared

Boko Boko Fillet
Well marinated and grilled over charcoal

Pwason Le Coco
A whole fish cooked in rich coconut milk

Jumbo Prawns Creole
Carefully spiced and deap fried

Porini Chicken
Steamed in Tamarind sauce and served in traditional dishes

Boko Boko Chicken
Marinated in Creole spices and served and grilled over charcoal

Seafood Platter
A selection of seafood

Porini Restaurant, Kikambala - Kenya
traditional local coast
Porini Restaurant, Kikambala - Kenya
and seychelloise food